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Mediterranean Plant Endophyte and Pathogens Culture Collection (MEPP)
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Cryopreserved collection, In vitro culture
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Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (IBBR) - Section of Palermo, Department of AgriFood Sciences (DiSBA), National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Palermo, IT
Bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, filamentous fungi
Main Taxa
Culturable endophytic bacteria (mainly Pseudomonas, Erwinia Staphylococcus, Pantoea, Bacillus, Vibrio), actinomycetes (Streptomyces); some phytopathogenic filamentous fungi belonging to Botrytis, Neofabraea, Alternaria, Fusarium and Monilinia genera.
MEPP preserve about 350 strains. The strains are mainly isolated from the Mediterranean agro-food systems as well as from spontaneous perennial and herbaceous plants, various microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) of agro-food importance and with pathological behaviour are included. Microrganisms are isolated from different Mediterranean geographical areas. MEPP hosts also strains form collection of other Research centre or University
Agriculture, Dignostic, Biocontrol agents, Food, Bioremediation, Health
Preservation Techniques
Cryo: Ultrafrezeer at- 80 °C, with mycelium plug in water glycerol (10-50% v/V); Fresh cultures: Refrigerator at 4 °C in agar slants or Petri dishes with mycelium.
Some strains are available for research purposes
Competence / Expertise
Taxonomical Identification (morphological, molecular), molecular typing, phylogenetic analysis; isolation, preservation and cultivation of microorganisms.
(1) PROSIT - Plant microbiomes in sustainable viticulture; Euro-Mediterranean Programme PRIMA 2020(Partnership for Research and Innovation in theMediterranean Area) SECTION 2 2020 MULTITOPIC - Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca; (2) M.I.T.O - Innovative models and technologies for the quality and safety of fruit and vegetable products (PON MISE H2020); (3) MARINE HAZARD - Development of innovative technologies for the identification, monitoring, remediation of sources of natural and anthropogenic contamination (PON03PE_00203_1)
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